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Engineering Guidelines


  • The layout design and construction should ensure no damage to the hall.
  • Arrangements for cleaning of Hall and Toilets are to be made by the organizer.
  • Clear access to main Electrical distribution boards, Emergency Exits, Staircases, Service doors, Public conveniences and Fire Safety Equipment must be ensured.
  • Minimum width of the public passage should not be less than 3 Mtrs.
  • Two Standby Generators for general lighting have been provided. However, organizers have to make their own arrangements for additional lighting.
  • First Aid/Medical facilities are to be provided by the organizer in the exhibition hall.
  • Stall construction should be independent of the Walls, Columns and Roof of the Hall.
    • Electrical Conduits, Cables, Fixtures, Air-Conditioning/Ventilator Grills should not be used for hanging exhibits.
  • Safety of workers inside the Exhibition Complex shall be the responsibility of the organizer.
  • All Electrical Wiring work will be carried out only by licensed Electrical Contractor.
  • Violation of these guidelines will attract fine/removal of stall at the risk and cost of the organizer/exhibitor.
  • The organizer will submit the layout plan to the Managing Director, KTPO, for seeking approval, well in advance.
  • The organizer will ensure the removal of Packing Boxes, unused Display Aids, handling equipment from the hall before opening the Exhibition.
  • The organizer must remove all Abandoned Materials from the premises after the closure of the fair. In case of non compliance, the organizer shall be billed for removal and disposal of the same.
  • No material will be allowed to be taken in and out of the exhibition complex by the organizers without in and out passes issued by KTPO authority.
  • In case of any dispute of difference of opinion, the decision of the KTPO would be final and binding.



The Trade Centre premises consists of state of the art exhibition complex, conference hall and open space available for conducting various events like exhibitions, conferences, annual events, seminars, trade, commerce & export promotion activities and cultural activities of various industries, trade and commerce bodies.


Confirmation of Booking of Venue and Dates:

Intending users of the exhibition hall/conference hall/open space etc will have to furnish Prescribed Application Form duly filled along with Rs. 1 lakh as Security Deposit. The security Deposit is refundable after the event is over subject to adjustment against any damages, dues etc. If the event is cancelled for any reason the security deposit will be forfeited in full. However postponement of the event is allowed depending upon the availability of the venue at the discretion of KTPO.

    • Gross inside area of Air conditioned Exhibition Hall is 5371 Sq. mtrs. Minimum area allowed for booking is 2,500 sq. mtrs.

    • License fee / Space rentals per Day:- (9 A.M. to 9 A.M.)

      a. Exhibition Hall

      (i) Rs. 90/- per Sq. mtrs. per day with A.C.

      (ii) Rs. 53/- per Sq. mtrs. per day without A.C.


      b. Conference Halls

      (i) Hall-I: Suitable for 250 persons

      (ii) Hall-II: Suitable for 100 persons.

      (iii) Hall-III: Suitable for 40 persons.


      For all 3 halls (i) Rs. 1.00 lakh per day with A.C.

      Rentals applicable (ii) Rs. 75,000/- per day without A.C.

      For setup / Construction period – half day is permissible from 2 p.m. onwards.

      c. Outside covered Halls-7 Nos:

      For food court/facilities etc each 38 Sq. mtrs. Rentals at Rs.70/- per Sq. mtr. per day

      d. Open Space

      Paved area on the periphery of Exhibition Hall and/or outdoor space / open area / ground. Rentals at Rs. 25/- per Sq. mtr. per day.

    • Water and Electricity Charges: applicable as per actual usage –

      a.    Power As per BESCOM Tariff.

      b.    Water As per KIADB/BWSSB tariff.

    • Branding Area: Space available for use.

    • Internet & Wi-Fi Facility: Shall be provided at extra cost. P

    • Telephone facility: Additional telephone lines can be arranged at extra cost through BSNL.

    • Canteen / Food Court: Can be arranged at the outside covered Exhibition Halls on the periphery & on paved open area. Cooking inside the exhibition complex is not permissible.

    • Parking for Exhibitors & Visitors: Available for more than 10,000 cars at free of cost at back side of the Exhibition Hall.

    • Organizers office facility: Can be arranged on the outside covered Exhibition Hall or within the main Hall subject to tailor made requirement depending on their convenience.

    • Payment Details: Payments only through DD or RTGS in favour of KTPO only:

      a.     Security Deposit: Rs. 1 lakh will be payable through DD or RTGS along with filled in prescribed application form.

      b. Venue rentals/license fee etc: 50% of the license fee (inclusive of power and water consumption charges and applicable taxes as per estimate) shall be payable in advance three months before the event and balance of 50% shall be payable 15 days prior to the event.

      (All payments to KTPO are to be made by through RTGS mode to our A/c No. 520141001519979 (RTGS/NEFT IFSC Code: CORP0000705) or a Demand Draft drawn in favour of Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, payable at Bengaluru. Cheque and Cash will not be accepted.

    • Taxes & Levies: Goods & Services Tax at 18% and other taxes if any as applicable from time to time shall be charged.

(KTPO PAN No.: AACCK0962E, GSTN - 29AACCK0962E1ZN) (Note: Rentals / Taxes are subject to change without further notice)


For further details: Please contact:

Office: Ph: 080-41453506/ 4168756

E-mail: ; Web:

Dr. Veeranna S.H., Managing Director, Mob: 9663831778

K. Sambasiva Rao, Manager (Accounts):Mob: 9448799763

Chandrashekar J, Office Service Staff: Mob: 9739368799

Address: Trade Centre, Bengaluru, KTPO, Plot No.121, Road No.5, EPIP 2nd Phase, Whitefield Industrial Area, Bengaluru-560066.


Terms & Conditions

Any International event is required to have the approval of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India or India Trade Promotion Organisation, as per the prevalent norms of Government of India.

Use of facilities would be restricted to Trade, Commerce and Industry related events. However, facilities could be permitted to be used for cultural activities, employee events, seminars, workshops, etc. The facilities are not permitted to be utilized for religious and political events.

Acceptance of the offer letter received without advance payment as per the schedule given in clause 4, will not be considered as acceptance. In case, acceptance and advance payment are not received, even after three weeks of the issue of offer letter, the offer will be treated as withdrawn and the space will be offered to other exhibition organizer. The organizer will have to book a minimum space of 2,500 Sq.Mtrs. in the Exhibition Hall.

The payment schedule for all dues shall be as follows :

Payment of license fee :

Rs. 1,00,000/- as booking amount.
50% of the license fee (inclusive of power and water consumption charges and service tax, as per estimate) three months before the event. Balance 50% 15 days prior to the event.

a) Air-conditioning, lighting, power load and water charges shall be as per actual charges levied by Bangalore Electricity Supply Company & Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board.

(i) Air-condition will be provided and charged for the entire gross area of the hall,

ii) Power consumption and connection charges: Power consumption charges are as levied by BESCOM and water consumption charges are as levied by KIADB.

b) All payments to KTPO are to be made by through RTGS mode to our A/c No. 520141001519979 or a Demand Draft drawn in favour of Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, payable at Bangalore. Cheque and Cash will not be accepted.

c) The rates quoted by KTPO are subject to revision at any time without prior notice.

d) Rs. 1,00,000/- collected as booking amount shall be treated as security deposit. The damages caused during the currency of the tenancy at the KTPO premises, infrastructures and assets if any and the cost of the restoration of damages shall be recovered by the organizer at the time of settlement of dues/refund of deposit amount.

Surrender of space : The organizer is permitted to surrender 10% of the total space booked for an event, without imposition of the penalty. However, this is not applicable for the organizer booking only 2500 Sq.Mtrs.


The penalty for surrendering space beyond 10% of the total space booked would be calculated as follows :

More than 365 days 2%
271-365 days 5%
181-270 days 10%
181-270 days 20%
1-90 days 30%


A copy of the architectural control and guidelines, for using the facilities at Trade Centre Bangalore, is enclosed for strict compliance. Architectural layout plans for the exhibition space are required to be submitted to KTPO for approval atleast a month in advance of taking possession of the premises. Modifications as suggested by the competent authority should be strictly complied to. Non compliance empowers KTPO to pull down/seal the stalls. Non submission of layout plans will entail a penalty of Rs. 1.00 lakhs. Passages should have minimum width of 3 Mtrs. It should be ensured that the Entry & Exit gates should have free and clear access.


Arrangement of certain services.

a) Organizer must inform KTPO about the requirement of various services such as, Air-conditioning, power requirement etc., in advance. The services are provided subject to their availability and their being in working condition.

b) Organizer is not permitted to mount hoardings or boards from the roof or wall of the hall. Violation will attract, a fine of Rs. 10,000/-.

c) Approval of KTPO is required for display of banners, buntings, hoardings etc.

d) The organizer is permitted to display cloth banners with a prior permission from KTPO from entrance of Road No. 5 leading to the Trade Centre Bangalore.


Security and protocol arrangements :

a) The KTPO provides general security to the Trade Centre Bangalore. The exhibition organizers are advised to hire the services of security agencies approved by the Police Department of Government of Karnataka, for providing security inside the hall. The KTPO will not be responsible for any act of omission and commission by the security agencies hired by the exhibition organizer and stall allotees.

b) The fire safety precautions, security and comprehensive insurance against all risks for the exhibits/exhibition/exhibitors/organizers including but not limited to any natural calamity/water leakages etc., during the entire license period shall be carried out by you at your own cost. KTPO shall in no way be responsible for any claims whatsoever. We would advise you to take insurance cover for public liability and fire risks. Similarly the exhibitors may be advised to take insurance cover for their exhibits, against fire, water, handling, transport and other risks.

c) The organizer is required to keep fire safety equipments, emergency lighting etc., in the exhibition hall to avoid any mishap. Cooking is not allowed inside the Exhibition Hall. Hygiene and sanitation has to be maintained in and around the exhibition hall.

d) The organizer shall indemnify KTPO from any claims from their exhibitors, contractors, service providers and others arising out of any account/reason.

e) Maintenance of decorum and decency in Trade Centre Bangalore: Trade Centre Bangalore, is an international Exhibition Complex. The complex is visited by a large number of industrialists, business visitors, dignitaries and general public. Keeping in view the dignity and decorum of the complex it is essential that the organizer, the participants, the hostesses and guides employed by the exhibition organizer and participants should be decently dressed and well mannered. Any violation will be viewed seriously.

f) The organizer should inform KTPO well in advance about VIP visits to the exhibitions to co-ordinate the protocol arrangements


Handing over possession of space:


a) The KTPO will handover possession of the hall only on receiving payments against all dues, as per payment schedule. The hall shall be handed over to the organizer on as is where is condition to the authorized representative of the organizer. The organizer has to intimate name of the authorized representative to KTPO well in advance. The hall shall be handed over to the organizer considering one day tenancy as 24 hours starting at 9.00 a.m. The hall will have to be handed back to KTPO at 9.00 a.m. on the next day after the closure of the license period. If the organizer is found using additional space/facilities/services during the exhibition period, license fee with penalty shall be imposed, which shall be payable by the organizer before leaving the Trade Centre Bangalore, after closure of the event. The authorized representative would have to sign/witness the records/registers maintained by KTPO while handing/taking over the halls and operating the air condition plant.

b) Movement of all exhibition materials/goods could be done between 10.00 p.m. to 9 a.m. throughout the license period.

c) The organizer has to clear KTPO's dues before the conclusion of the exhibition failing which the exhibition materials would not be allowed to be taken out of the Trade Centre Bangalore.

d) Delayed removal of exhibits on account of default in settling the bills, is liable to be penalized.


Rights of KTPO

a) Organizer is required to settle outstanding dues, if any, for the events held by them in the past at Trade Centre Bangalore. In case of the organizer's failure to settle these dues, amounts paid/to be paid for this event will be adjusted in this account.

b) The KTPO reserve the right to cancel, change the dates in the event of unforeseen/ unavoidable circumstances or for non compliance of payment schedule.


Entry through Tickets

a) In case an event is regulated through entry ticket the KTPO should be informed two months in advance to arrange printing of tickets. Organizers are free to print their own tickets which can be sold from ticket booths after obtaining permission from KTPO.

b) Net revenue sharing from the sale of tickets between KTPO and organizer will be 50:50%.


The timing of the exhibition should be intimated to KTPO. If the exhibition extends beyond 10.00 p.m. KTPO's approval would be required.

The organizers will ensure regulated inflow of visitors to the hall and will post trained personnel to manage visitors movement, adequate first-aid services/Para medical services should be arranged by the organizers.

Organizer shall ensure that no exhibitor keeps any hazardous chemicals, gases, fire arms etc., in the stall.

Usage of loud speakers for playing music and making announcements should not make nuisance/disturbance to other exhibitors and visitors.

The organizers of musical and other events are also required to obtain public performers license and to follow all local rules and regulations governing such events.

The terms and conditions for organizing exhibition at Trade Centre Bangalore, are taken as read by the event organizer at the time of booking of space in Trade Centre Bangalore and that they agree to the terms and conditions of licensing/hiring of services by KTPO spelt out in this manual.

The license shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Bangalore City. The licensed premises are public premises as defined in the public premises (eviction of unauthorized occupants) Act 1971 and the rules framed there under, which are now in force or which may hereafter come into force shall be applicable for all matters provided in the said Act.





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